Mega Sweden 2022: a new event with a lot of history!

Mega Sweden is a Mega-Event with all that that entails: opportunities to meet other geocachers from near and afar, lectures, workshops, geostores, guided tours, games and various other activities. We are anticipating about 1000 visitors from Sweden and many other countries.

Mega Sweden is an event with a long history. The first event in the series was held in 2003 and the event (originally called “Fumble After Dark”, later “Mega Sweden FAD”) has been held every year since then, with every event since 2010 being a mega. This event is the original inspiration for lab caches since we had temporary caches created just for the event but with a lot of electronics and this was enjoyed by Bryan Roth (one of the founders of who brought the idea home after his visit here in 2011.

Previous events in the series have released a number of caches for the event, and these have always been night caches released towards the end of the day program. This year, in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of geocaching, we are moving Mega Sweden to a somewhat lighter time of the year and in order to make space for even more interesting programming, we are moving the release of the event-specific caches to the day before the event so that the cache-hunting won’t interfere with experiencing the event program. This means that at least most of the event caches won’t be night caches. This does not necessarily mean that Mega Sweden is done with night caching for ever. We’ll see what happens next year!

The event takes place in Konsert & Kongress at Konsistoriegatan 7 in Linköping.

Opening hours are 10:00-19:30

Here you find the event at GC8GGVW

Welcome to Linköping!

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